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About Oriental City Restaurant

The Oriental City Restaurant opened its doorsteps in 2007 offering Oriental cuisines in elegant surroundings. From a range of choices of dim sum to exotic Chinese Hong Kong Style dishes.

The Oriental City Restaurant is part of the Sing-Ying Group which imports fresh and frozen foods and other oriental commodities from all over the Far East to supply local people and catering businesses throughout the North of England. The new Sing Ying Building stands on a site of over 14,000 square feet and also houses the largest Chinese Supermarket in Leeds.

"We would like to welcome you to Oriental City Restaurant and our supermarket where you will be able to appreciate some of the facets of Chinese culture."

Latest Reviews

“Excellent Dim Sum, congee etc, with tick your own selections on the menu Hong Kong style...”

Grant McWilliams, Leeds

“The Oriental City offers a pleasing experience and is very good value”.

Yorkshire Post

“The steamed sea bass with ginger & spring onions is really lovely, it was my first time and now I go at least once a week”.

Chris, Harrogate


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0113 244 9797